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I am Microsoft Certified Solution Associate & Diploma Holder in Computer Science, working in the field of I.T. Technology from 1996 till now. I started my career as Level 1 Desktop Engineer in one of the PVT Call Center, with co-team I learn lots of technology used in the corporate to make better communication and stable performance of I.T. Solution. Soon as Tenure expired, I moved to another firm which was Limited Company, and was growing stage which provided me to grow my knowledge at the max level, as much new Hardware’s and technology was being implemented and I was playing a key role as Sr. Administrator during Implementation, got familiar with Server-Client concept and Technology offered by Microsoft for S.M.E. and ENT. Soon during the time of recession, I need to quit my job and went in search of a better job. It was a hard time where there were no good openings, because of the long recession period. Hence I planned to get the certification of Microsoft Server, and I soon completed it successfully. As soon as my Resume got to tag with Microsoft Certified, I got a good break in one of the most Critical DATA Center as a Server Operation, as Visiting Data center was my dream to see in the past was like dream came true for me, and I worked very hard to get most knowledge as much as I can, beyond the Opportunities. I worked very hard during my Tenure period and as per policy Tenure was not extended, I again need to quit from the position and started hunting for another one. But this time I was not upset or worried, as I was now practically and theoretically experienced with worlds most advanced Hardware’s and Technology to work with. So Opportunities also came to me with full open hand’s and I join one of the Public limited firms as an Infrastructure Administrator.

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