Turnkey Services

Office Data and Voice Networking.

We do undertake complete office Structural Networking Project from Core Data Trunk Laying to Complete Server Room Rack Termination.

We also take turnkey projects for small office to SME with complete Data Cable Termination to Zero Dead Zone Wifi Networking upto Server Room Termination.

Complete Office Designing

We also take Complete Project for Office Designing right from Flooring, Furniture, Boss Cabins, Staff Area, Store Room, Safety Exit, Electric Layout, Fire Safety (Smoke Detector’s and Alarms), Biomatric Door Access and Attendence System, and much more. All this is provided with Qualified Team of Interior Designing, Carpentary Work, Civil Work, Electric Work, Painter’s and Other.

Security and Surviliance System

Complete CCTV, Biomatric and Time Attendence Solution all under one roof.


It has be quite a long time when I started Virtualization using Microsoft Hyper-v 2008, Many Bugs and Issues where came during the Administration Process, but as I had past experience in Server Administration, Solutions for Problems where quick and Easily Applied.

As of now,  I know the Con’s of Hardware Failure, I planned my own Hardware Config to figure our the Performance and Stability of Virtual Host for  multiple  users and workload. Now a days  new hardware  can provide you 100% performance Boost per Host, as today single desktop grade cpu’s comes with 32 Cores and 64 Threads making it boost the CPU load with total of 96 Cores on Single CPU. That’s  the beauty of Technology of present.

Customize Gaming and Performance System

Today professional carriers have step ahead to new revolution in Designing and Entertainment. Once again, Today’s advance technology helps a lot for providing desire performance system for Media Editors and Gamer’s. AMD is leading ahead as of today in the cost what hardware and  quality it provide than the competitor.

Storage & Backup Solution

Either it be a very Small Enterprise or Large Enterprise,  Data is much more important for the companies and  users.  As of today Storage capacity has increased form the limitation of TB to Petabyte hence their is no full stop for data growth. Only Consideration is stability, availability and most important Security.  Choices are many around the globe,

  • Cloud  Storage its more secure, and  more expensive by the time it  grow.
  • Individual External USB Drive storage is never secure and stable, but still many firms prefer the same solutions as its the only option available for cheap and easy backup.
  • Storage Server’s ( N.A.S & D.A.S), both can be implemented in local premises and remote with in the reach of physical  access.  Both provide Security, stability and Real time access of Data with up to 96% up time (Excluding Power Outage and Hardware failure where their are no cluster hardware’s). Many Branded with Proprietary application are available as per users requirement.  Vast numbers of  Opensource Solution also available with years of experience  and support provider around the globe.

Tape Drives Still Exist

  • Tape Drives are considers to be  most secure and  stable backup solutions.
  • Corporate with Public data always follow TAPE  Backup, as for security reason Physical Tapes can be moved to remote location easily.
  • Tape Backups help the Institutions to preserve their public data in the time of natural disaster also. Ya it may  take some time for restoration but for sure data is always available.

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